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Responsible Tourism

First step for a better world

Responsible Tourism has gathered momentum over the last 10 years and there are a large number of organisations around the world which use the language of Responsible Tourism.

The ICRT has a network of organisations around the world all dedicated to furthering the aspirations of the Cape Town Declaration.
we accept that responsible and sustainable tourism will be obtained in different ways in different places.
The Cape Town Declaration remember the world’s diversity: “Appreciating the diversity of world’s cultures, habitats and species and the wealth of cultural and natural heritage, as the very reason of tourism,

Definition of Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism complies with the principles of social and economic justice and exerts full respect towards the environment and its cultures. It recognises the centrality of the local host community and its right to act as a protagonist in developing a sustainable and responsible tourism. Responsible tourism actuates to foster a positive interaction between the tourist industry, the local communities and the travellers.

Where can we apply Responsible Tourism?

There are 4 fields :
  • Environment: to minimise the environmental impact created by tourists.
  • Social: to give the local population a central role in the touristic development  of their own territory. The involvement of the local community through a participatory democracy and in the decision-making process is essential for a sustainable touristic development.
  • Culture:  to respect the local culture by including its essence in the overall touristic development. Focussing on and creating an awareness of the local culture, its traditions, the lifestyle, the local gastronomy, the handcrafts…
  • Economy: to generate equally distributed economic benefits for the local population and its hosting territory.


People play an important role to create responsible travel and tourism and also governments, business and communities must do all they can.

These are some important guidelines that tourists should respect:

  1. Open the mind to other cultures and traditions, it will transform your experience,
  2. Be tolerant and respect diversity
  3. Observe social and cultural traditions and practices
  4. Exploitation is not acceptable and it is against the fundamental aims of tourism.
  5. Protect natural environments, wildlife and habitats, respect cultural resources.
  6. Encourage local economy as well as craftspeople buying typical products.
  7. Respect the artistic, archaeological and cultural heritage
  8. Inform yourself about current health situation and access to emergency to be ensured to be protected
  9. Make sure to have specific requirements (diet, accessibility, medical care)  to travel to this destination
  10. Learn about your destination and take time to understand the customs, norms and traditions to avoid behavior that could offend local people.
  11. Familiarize yourself with the laws to do not commit any act considered criminal.

Another way to make tourism…. Sustainable Tourism Online

Sustainable Tourism Online is a comprehensive online information resource providing substantial research, data and tools within three main sustainability themes:

  • Destinations and Communities
  • Business Operations
  • Parks & Culture

It also offers information and knowledge on important sustainability tourism theme.

Tourism is considered as one of the top five employers world-wide and plays a significant role in the economic and social development of many destinations around the world.

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